When will my app be available for download on the app store?

If your app submission has been accepted by us

If your app submission has been accepted by us and was created and submitted to apple, you can expect to receive notification about whether your app was accepted by Apple and will be posted to the App store within 3-4 weeks (keep in mind it is possible that it could take longer). If your app is put into an extended review by Apple, you can expect to wait up to 4-8 weeks or more. Most normal apps get reviewed by Apple quickly. Apps that get put into extended review usually are those with questionable content. We cannot guarantee any of the example times listed above though, as the reviews are done by Apple. We simply submit the apps for you.

Rejections by Apple
Although we review your app before submitting to make sure the content is acceptable to Apple, there still is a possibility they could reject your app. If we receive a rejection of your app, we’ll send a notification to you and let you know what the issue is so that you can take corrective action and resubmit your application.

Check your app status

We offer a quick and easy tool to check the status of the status of your app whether it is pending our review or being reviewed by Apple. Just go to our support page at https://www.freeiphoneappmaker.com/contact/ and use the Check Review Status tool on the right side of the page. You’ll need to have your App Review ID # which you can find in the email sent to you after creating your app.