PicShop Photo Editor App

PicShop Photo Editor App

There are all manner of photo editing apps in the Google Play Store and the more I try different ones out, the more I notice a gulf between the free apps; such as the likes of Pix: Pixel Maker and Pixlr-o-matic. Both of these are stunning apps, with a wide range of filters and frames, plus a few editing tools thrown in; perfect for casual social network sharing. Then there’s apps like PicShop Photo Editor. What this app doesn’t do in terms of photo editing can be written on the back of a postage stamp with a thick Sharpie.

So pictures can be taken from either your camera, your gallery or, if you permit it, Facebook. Once you’ve chosen a picture to edit there are five tabs along the bottom which each include different options. You first have Edits which includes; auto-fix, straighten, brightness, color, blemish removal, red eye removal, focal point, tilt shift, fish eye, sharpness, crop and rotate.

Next you have Filters and there are 18 to choose from. Once you select a filter you see a slide scale where you can adjust how much effect is applied, meaning each of the filters comes with an indeterminate number of strengths. Then there are the Frames. There are 19 in total but you can likewise choose none. In the Extras section you get a host more tweaks and features, including; background fill, image layer (photo-in-photo effect), stickers (there’s loads to choose from, from Rage Faces to Christmas icons), pointers, attention (puts a circles around part of the photo), sketch, text, meme maker (lets you add text to top and bottom of image), colorize and speech bubbles.

Finally you get a Save tab which lets you both save (in low, medium, high and ultra high qualities) and share.

The layout of the apps interface makes it fantastically simple to use and while skimming through all the options and getting used to the wealth of functionality might take a little getting used to, you can just easily and quickly save after adding a filter if you want to.

In my experience (and I’m obsessed with these kind of apps) PicShop Photo Editor takes editing on Android to a new level. However, I think due to the quality of the app and wide range of features, it is something you do have to pay for. If you just want filters, try the free Pixlr-o-matic or its new sibling Pixlr Express- both are excellent apps for basic filtering and editing. If you want something with more kick, however, definitely consider forking out for PicShop Photo Editor. It’s not cheap, but it is chock full of functionality and works like a charm.

If you like taking pictures on your Android device but find free apps a little too basic for your needs, PicShop Photo Editor is a fantastic solution. It has more bells and whistles than a bell and whistle store and is mesmerically simple to use. I think if you’ve recently upgraded your device and are fancying yourself as an amateur photographer now you have 8MP or more to shoot with, this is perfect for your needs.

The user interface is a joy to use and highly intuitive. The tabs along the bottom make it easy to navigate and adding filters, effects and extras could not be easier. You always have the option to ‘discard’ effects if they don’t look good and the Save tab can always be pressed to save progress.

I think more and more of us are using our phones to take pictures. As cameras get better and better- not only in megapixels but also with dedicated processing chips (like the HTC One X) and improved camera software, it’s far more likely we’ll resort to our ever-present devices for spontaneous snapping. PicShop Photo Editor is a brilliant app and compliments this trend perfectly.

The interface is utterly superb and by far my favourite on an editing app- pushing Snaptastic into second place. In addition to the fact the app it is so incredibly intuitive, there are smooth little animations as images zoom in and out. This means the app has a decidedly buttery feel that you just don’t get with other apps.

Do I recommend PicShop? Most definitely yes, it’s a truly excellent photo editing app and by far my own new personal favourite. It’s full of functionality, includes a stunningly smooth and customization user interface, is easy to use and is just head and shoulders over most other similar apps. It’s not cheap, so definitely try out the Lite version first, but I couldn’t recommend this app more.