Parental Control App for Android

mspy parental control app

There was a time not too long ago that parents thought twice before giving an Android phone without some sort of Android monitoring software. Mobile apps with parental control were only being used by high intelligence agencies, detectives and law enforcement organizations. Also, the operating system was not quite as famous as compared to iPhone at the time, people inclined less towards Android. However, as time changed and Android smartphones evolved, the popularity graph also showed a positive curve.

Android tablets and smartphones are now well in demand with mature as well as young teens and kids now. But with this fame-shot device, the requirement of effective Android parental control app has also been felt. There are many reputed parental control and mobile monitoring software in the market today that claim to keep a focused watch on their users’ Android phone activities.

The Basic Features of Parental Control App

The most important feature of Android monitoring app is that it should work discreetly. If it fails to do so then the primary USP of the app in itself is lost. There are many parental control apps in the market that claim to be having better Android monitoring features such as SMS and call recording, etc. But very few offer more unique monitoring and parental control features like mSpy.

This parental control app, mSpy has been awarded as one of the top-most ranked software amongst other market players. As soon as it is installed in the device, it starts recording all Android mobile activities and fulfills the monitoring plan parents seek. Therefore, it is important that user should know about a powerful app like mSpy that even works to track GPS locations and send remote SMS commands and remains 100% stealth.

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Why Choose mSpy

mSpy has always been amongst the ranking parental control software in the monitoring software industry. Not only does it lead the market, it also comes up with regular software feature updates according to its users’ requirements.

mSpy developers believe in staying constantly modernized and expanding its horizons. Recently, a new version was released which also works ideally for other operating systems such as Apple iOS and Amazon Fire OS.

Digital Trends has put together a list of some other parental control apps that you might want to try.

Here’s a glance at some of what mSpy has to offer:

Logs all important Android smartphone activities: mSpy logs all call info, SMS texts, websites visited, apps installed, contacts, etc.

Sends alerts on prohibited actions committed: Since mSpy has parental control to set alerts on profanity, geo-fencing breach, and more, it is easier to keep a close eye on kids’ BLOCKED activities.

More features than a standard Android spy app: mSpy is beefed with path-breaking features such as remote locking, apps & website filtering, set time lock periods to stop calls, do real-time monitoring live and much more!

Above all, mSpy offers to monitor your child’s smartphones remotely through a web browser. With millions of satisfied, loyal and ever-increasing clientele, mSpy can boast to be the greatest rival in its competition.