How It Works

June 12, 2016

First Part

After creating and submitting your app, our team of editors will review your app’s content and make sure it applies to Apple’s review standards. If not, we’ll let you know and you can make the necessary changes and submit an update to your app.

Second Part

If everything complies, we’ll build your app and submit it to the App Store for review by Apple. If accepted, we’ll let you know that your app is available on the App Store for download. If Apple rejects your app, we’ll let you know what the issues are so you can submit an update to us.

Final Part

With your iPhone app now available on the App Store, you can download it for free to your own iPhone or brag about it to your friends!

Make More Apps! Feel free to make another app with our builder again!

Apps accepted by Apple need to pass the following checklist:

1. Create a useful app that anyone can use, not just your close friends.
2. Spellcheck your submission.
3. Don’t use copyrighted images or text you don’t own.