Parental Control App for Android

There was a time not too long ago that parents thought twice before giving an Android phone without some sort of Android monitoring software. Mobile apps with parental control were only being used by high intelligence agencies, detectives and law enforcement organizations. Also, the operating system was not quite as famous as compared to iPhone[…]

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Can I integrate my own ads into my free app?

For submissions under our free submissions service this is not possible right now. For paid submissions, after completing your paid submission purchase we provide some instructions for if you would like to integrate your own ads from the ad service Mobclix into your application and earn your own revenue.

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Can I create paid apps to sell?

The short answer, not right now. Letting users create paid apps is a little too complicated for us to handle right now, so currently the only option is the ability to create free iPhone apps. If you want to create a paid application, try hiring a developer to create one for you and introduce you[…]

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When will you review my app?

Regular Review Process If you’ve submitted your free app under our regular review service, this could take up to 4 weeks although we cannot guarantee that we will review your application due to the number of submissions we receive daily. Because of this, if you need to have your app reviewed you can purchase our[…]

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Do I need any special software?

No extra software needed. Everything you need to build your iPhone app with you can access at, there’s no software to download and you can edit and update an app you’ve made online in the future just by visiting a special link that will import all of your iPhone app details back into the[…]

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Does this cost or is it free?

It’s free to make iPhone apps provided by our partner Trialpay. Our builder is free to use to make iPhone apps thanks to a partnership with Trialpay, where you get our service for free in exchange for completing an offer from a sponsor. You’re given an option before submitting your app to us whether you[…]

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Will my app work on iPods too?

Yes, all apps work on iPhones and iPods We’ve developed the apps to ensure they work on iPhones and iPods, and iPad compatibility too. Plus we’ve tinkered around to get some of the apps to be compatible all the way back to iPhone OS 2.0, giving you access to additional users.

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Why is there a minimum for each app?

The short answer: to help you create a quality app. Apps submitted to apple are reviewed for quality control, we only accept apps who have the minimum number of content screens, pictures, texts, etc. but even then we prefer to accept the highest quality of those we receive. Even from that selection, we cannot guarantee[…]

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Do I own my apps created with your builder?

Yes, with every app you create, you can specify the name of the creator shown in the app’s about menu. We only request your permission to build and distribute your apps made with our service for free on the App Store under our developer account. In addition, some applications may need minor edits to the[…]

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How do I create iPhone apps?

Online at our website Simply visit and select a type of iPhone app you would like to start making. Click the link at the bottom center of the page to view more types if the first four are not what you want to make right now. Using the Builder After selecting a type of[…]

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